Crazystrength Log Export

I now have bookmarklet support for exporting a gainstrack log entry to Crazy Strength in just a few clicks. For this to work, you need to be a logged in and fully registered member of Gainstrack for this to work.

Then drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar (or right click and Bookmark)

Gainstrack Import

Now you are set! To import an entry to Crazy Strength:

  • Go to Crazy Strength’s Log Workout page
  • Select the date of your workout on that page
  • Click the Gainstrack Import bookmark you saved

If it all works, your workout will be automatically filled into the page!

RepMax badges in your log!

Following a suggestion from someone earlier today, the logic that already generates the rep max tables in the training logs now also marks itself within your training logs with these little badges so you know your lifts are improving!

Here was my boxing day deadlift where I achieved a 2RM that was surprisingly close to my 1RM of 130kg. Hence it’s my best estimated 1RM too.

Plate Calculator Multi-Unit and Mobile Friendly

I recently got forcibly moved to a new gym and it’s really thrown me. I live in kg and program myself in kg but in this gym they use plates in lbs. Worse still, there is a mix of kg plates and lb plates. And the barbell doesn’t weigh exactly 20kg either.

Frustrated, and having a techie itch, I built myself a Plate Calculator so I don’t have to stare at the bar and do the math in my head anymore. This sort of thing has been done before but what (I think) sets mine apart are

  •         I can customise the barbell weight
  •         I can have a mix of kg and lb plates
  •         It is mobile friendly and will work even if not connected to the internet (might need to load the page before going to the gym though. Unless I make an app out of this)
  •         Where there are multiple answers, it prefers to use larger plates where available.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. In particular, whether it gives the right answers or if there are any bugs. If it is useful to you, also let me know!

Launching Gainstrack for workout logging

Maintaining a training log  has been the biggest thing for me to hold myself accountable in making progress towards my strength goals. I’ve used a combination of Fitocracy and the now defunct Stronglift inner circle in the past.

However, there’s no site out there where I could continue my training log the way I want it. So I started building one, just in time for Christmas. I plan this to be my training log home and invite the public to join me.

My training log is now going to be maintained at .

For everyone else, you can have a play with the demo at You can follow the instructions to log some stuff or import your SLIC log. If afterwards, you think it’s worthwhile, you can register on the site.

Of my dream features, the site already supports

  • Ability to export your logs at will – including to when they build their log tracker. If you see I’m no longer logging on my site, you know to save your logs – or you can do it any time. Don’t be burned again by your provider shutting down
  • Graphs!
  • Rep max tables and rep max histories, if you are into that sort of thing
  • Workout calendar – visualise your consistency
  • Mobile friendly – lots of improvements to make but I’m already at least reading my work history in the gym so I know what I’m doing in my workout
  • Undo capability – Don’t be afraid to submit and screw stuff up. In the worst case, I have an undo tool in the backend in case changes need undoing. Just let me know

The stuff that should definitely come soon, because I want it for myself

  • Super efficient logging. I’m “dogfooding” this
  • Proper user registration (it’s a bit hacked together for now)
  • User comments etc.
  • Log vs log comparison
  • And my killer feature I really want to do… an online virtual companion that follows your logs and comments on how it thinks your workout just went.
  • Some open API to integrate this directly into sites CrazyStrength if desired

Stuff that I won’t do

Anyways, this is all fun for me but I take lifting seriously, as evidenced by the 418 log entries (and growing) I’ve got on my site. Maintaining the log has been the most valuable thing I’ve done for my gains and I’ll be happy if I help others too.

Have a poke at – There are plenty of bugs. Please find them all and let me know. I need feedback to know what to do with this site