Gainstrack 0.0.8 updates

A critical bug was found in 0.0.6 where one couldn’t edit historic workouts. That’s now fixed in 0.0.8. Assuming no more bugs found, I’ll also push this to the Android store.

In addition, thanks to feedback from “britPaul”, the workout planner is starting to make progress again – it is now unit aware like the rest of the site, able to handle planning in lbs or kgs. A fair amount of work is still needed for it to be truly useful though.

The only other technical update is the removal of the jQuery dependency. AngularJS doesn’t need jQuery and neither do I. That reduces the 3rd party javascript payload by 20%, which should result in slightly faster loads.

One final mention is my anecdotal testing of the mobile site is that it is definitely performing better on my phone! With all the changes, I can’t tell if it is Cordova, Angular or what but the speed increase is definitely useful.

Gainstrack 0.0.6 Updates

The website has been updated and the Android app will be updated in the app store shortly. Feature-wise, the main items are to fix the previously mentioned annoying issues

  • Navigating away from the app mid-workout and coming back – your workout will still be there
  • Using the app without internet reception will still allow you to record your workout
  • A news link so you can see this blog for updates

The last feature is only really for the Android app but if you are using the iPhone app, you can still pre-load by opening in reception and then using while out of internet reception.

Behind the scenes, a bunch of technical updates have been maded

Ideally these changes won’t have any functional changes but should boost performance a little by using libraries a year newer. On the other hand there may be a few glitches on the way. If so, please email or message me.

Plan your workout before you go to the gym

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Successful gainers know what they are going to do in the gym before they go to the gym. What weights they will do, how many reps they will attempt.

With this in mind, I’m incubating a new feature were you create your workout first – with some help to auto-generate the workout perhaps. Next up is a more simplified mobile interface to actually perform the logging.

Gainstrack automatic workout generation

A new beta feature has just appeared when logging workouts. By default, all of you are entering your workouts manually – typing or selecting an exercise. But if you’re on a standard program, can’t the computer generate it all for you?

Indeed, it should! As a new proof of concept feature, Gainstrack can now auto-generate Stronglifts 5×5 workouts – automatically determining if you should be on the A or B workout, filling out the exercises and determining the weights you should be doing for your worksets!

Generate Stronglifts

This is really just the start. Planned in the works are

  • Handle auto-deloads on programs like 5×5
  • Support many different kinds of programs – 3×5, Madcow etc. should be straightforward
  • Open source the whole framework so people can create their own workouts, or use the code in their own websites – yes, I plan to be that generous

Auto stronglifts



https enabled for is now live. At some point it should become default. This is important so that passwords sent to the site are encrypted when logging in.

On a side note, I find it ironic that sending passwords to websites on unencrypted http raises no warnings while sending to encrypted self-signed websites raises all sorts of alarm bells. How is the former better??

Fortunately, setting up https is easier than it used to be. I thank Startssl for their free basic SSL certificates and this blog post for explaining how to set it up for the nginx server. According to the SSLlabs report, the site is all good to go!

Time to update the links for my training log to

Plate calculator while logging a workout

You know how much weight you want on the bar but do you have the right plates to make that weight? What’s the nearest weight you can achieve with the plates that you do have?

Traditionally, you can use a tool like a plate calculator to enter your plates and target weight to figure it out for you. But usually you’re in the middle of your workout, perhaps logging your workout and don’t want to switch tool.

With gainstrack, you don’t have to! If you’ve already set up the plate calculator, you can view the plates for your weight just by clicking on the icon next to your set and it will tell you

Bug fix update

A few bugs have been squashed recently!

  • [Bug fixed] Cloning and then editing externally imported entries would sometimes not allow you to successfully update the clone weight to something new.
  • [Bug fixed] CrazyStrength integration would break if weight was empty. E.g. pull-ups
  • [Bug fixed] Various scrolling issues on mobile platforms

Announce: Gainstrack mobile app betas!

Maintain a training log has been one of the keys to my personal success – in terms of accountability and the support you get from others. You get measurable progress in seeing how you progress with your strength goals.

When I heard my old community, SLIC, was getting shut down, I was spurred into action. I thought it unacceptable that hundreds of training logs -  long term diaries of progress could be lost forever. Furthermore, the logging there was never quite as good as it could be.

So since the SLIC shutdown, I’ve been working on making my perfect training log software to track my gains. Perfection will take time but it is now in a state I am happy to log my workouts on my phone for myself and to start sharing the capability with others who want the same things from logging like me.

So who is me then?

I’m a lifting techie. I care about stats, progress. I want to know all the analysis from my training log so I can learn what I’m doing, what to target and how to do better. Rep maxes, graphs, plate calculators etc.!

I believe in open standards and am against vendor lock-in. Never again should a training log be at risk as when the site closes down. Logs should be transferable within sites. You can get your log entries in and out of Gainstrack and I’ll make it as easy as I’m allowed to integrate with sites like CrazyStrength.

I believe in open platforms. Whether you are on your desktop, on your Android or iPhone mobile or offline in the gym, your training log and training tools should be available for you to use. Hence a mobile app.

Desktop version is at

Android users can pick up it up from the Play store now soon. In the mean time, you can download the APK from

iPhone users follow instructions at

I welcome feedback, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports and any general commentary!