Annoying issues

So I’ve been back lifting regularly again and therefore been dogfooding my own app and mobile website. I like to log my workouts from my phone as I do them in the gym. Here are the most annoying things about my own app!

  • If you switch away from the app and your phone is low on memory, your workout in progress gets wiped out. Super annoying. (Need to persist progress in local storage to fix it). Workaround: Regularly submit/save and edit it. Pain
  • If you aren’t in internet┬ácoverage, it appears as if you are not logged in. And then logging in doesn’t help. Workaround: Wait for network coverage

Chinese new year is probably a good time to address some of these issues! If they are bothering you too are have found other bugs, please drop me an email (just reply to your registrastion mail)