Back with the power cleans

It’s been a while since I’ve been either lifting or working on this site! I’ve been busy with other sports, getting married, honeymoon and all the other things that happen in life.

But then a CrossFit gym opened up near my workplace. Upon visiting, I realised a CrossFit gym (or box…) has all the equipment one would ever need or want for gaining strength. While I’m not so into CrossFit because it trains you to be a more jack of all trades from endurance to strength, even if you’re after strength alone there is something there. Crucially the owners are happy to let me get one with getting strong and missing out on the WODs. And they still help me out with technique. So for the first time ever, I got some education on power cleans.

Here’s my latest attempt at a power clean. While it is me giving the analysis, some of the points (particularly the lack of leg extension) came from the coach there.

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