Gainstrack automatic workout generation

A new beta feature has just appeared when logging workouts. By default, all of you are entering your workouts manually – typing or selecting an exercise. But if you’re on a standard program, can’t the computer generate it all for you?

Indeed, it should! As a new proof of concept feature, Gainstrack can now auto-generate Stronglifts 5×5 workouts – automatically determining if you should be on the A or B workout, filling out the exercises and determining the weights you should be doing for your worksets!

Generate Stronglifts

This is really just the start. Planned in the works are

  • Handle auto-deloads on programs like 5×5
  • Support many different kinds of programs – 3×5, Madcow etc. should be straightforward
  • Open source the whole framework so people can create their own workouts, or use the code in their own websites – yes, I plan to be that generous

Auto stronglifts



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