Gainstrack automatic workout generation

A new beta feature has just appeared when logging workouts. By default, all of you are entering your workouts manually – typing or selecting an exercise. But if you’re on a standard program, can’t the computer generate it all for you?

Indeed, it should! As a new proof of concept feature, Gainstrack can now auto-generate Stronglifts 5×5 workouts – automatically determining if you should be on the A or B workout, filling out the exercises and determining the weights you should be doing for your worksets!

Generate Stronglifts

This is really just the start. Planned in the works are

  • Handle auto-deloads on programs like 5×5
  • Support many different kinds of programs – 3×5, Madcow etc. should be straightforward
  • Open source the whole framework so people can create their own workouts, or use the code in their own websites – yes, I plan to be that generous

Auto stronglifts



https enabled for is now live. At some point it should become default. This is important so that passwords sent to the site are encrypted when logging in.

On a side note, I find it ironic that sending passwords to websites on unencrypted http raises no warnings while sending to encrypted self-signed websites raises all sorts of alarm bells. How is the former better??

Fortunately, setting up https is easier than it used to be. I thank Startssl for their free basic SSL certificates and this blog post for explaining how to set it up for the nginx server. According to the SSLlabs report, the site is all good to go!

Time to update the links for my training log to

Plate calculator while logging a workout

You know how much weight you want on the bar but do you have the right plates to make that weight? What’s the nearest weight you can achieve with the plates that you do have?

Traditionally, you can use a tool like a plate calculator to enter your plates and target weight to figure it out for you. But usually you’re in the middle of your workout, perhaps logging your workout and don’t want to switch tool.

With gainstrack, you don’t have to! If you’ve already set up the plate calculator, you can view the plates for your weight just by clicking on the icon next to your set and it will tell you

Bug fix update

A few bugs have been squashed recently!

  • [Bug fixed] Cloning and then editing externally imported entries would sometimes not allow you to successfully update the clone weight to something new.
  • [Bug fixed] CrazyStrength integration would break if weight was empty. E.g. pull-ups
  • [Bug fixed] Various scrolling issues on mobile platforms