Strength levels added to your log profile

A new feature is being incubated! On your log profile (or under Stats/Scores on your mobile app), you will now see your Big 3 strength exercises being rated. More to come on how they are calculated but here are the key things to know

  • Barbell squat, bench press and deadlifts are the key exercises to measure your strength
  • Increasing your rep maxes will increase your level and points
  • The scoring is scaled 10 levels, ranging from the rank beginner to an elite lifter.
  • Just like various RPG games out there, the levels get exponentially harder to achieve
  • It takes into account your body weight (so make sure this is recorded!) and how many reps you do in your exercise
  • It will eventually take into account gender and maybe age
  • It doesn’t take into account how height, body physique, training methods etc. but does otherwise provide a fair score of comparison with your fellow lifting buddies, so invite them along to compare scores!

The formula may otherwise get refined but the levels should be pretty accurate as they are.

And this is me as of the time of writing

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