Announce: Gainstrack mobile app betas!

Maintain a training log has been one of the keys to my personal success – in terms of accountability and the support you get from others. You get measurable progress in seeing how you progress with your strength goals.

When I heard my old community, SLIC, was getting shut down, I was spurred into action. I thought it unacceptable that hundreds of training logs -  long term diaries of progress could be lost forever. Furthermore, the logging there was never quite as good as it could be.

So since the SLIC shutdown, I’ve been working on making my perfect training log software to track my gains. Perfection will take time but it is now in a state I am happy to log my workouts on my phone for myself and to start sharing the capability with others who want the same things from logging like me.

So who is me then?

I’m a lifting techie. I care about stats, progress. I want to know all the analysis from my training log so I can learn what I’m doing, what to target and how to do better. Rep maxes, graphs, plate calculators etc.!

I believe in open standards and am against vendor lock-in. Never again should a training log be at risk as when the site closes down. Logs should be transferable within sites. You can get your log entries in and out of Gainstrack and I’ll make it as easy as I’m allowed to integrate with sites like CrazyStrength.

I believe in open platforms. Whether you are on your desktop, on your Android or iPhone mobile or offline in the gym, your training log and training tools should be available for you to use. Hence a mobile app.

Desktop version is at

Android users can pick up it up from the Play store now soon. In the mean time, you can download the APK from

iPhone users follow instructions at

I welcome feedback, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports and any general commentary!

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