How To Reset Pelvic Torsion – If Only I Knew This 10 Years Ago

I wish I saw this video 10 years ago. I was running for a bus and something “moved” around my hips. The next day, my whole lower back and hips fell into spasm. One leg felt longer than the other and I was stuck like this for weeks before the spasms reduced but by then the resulting hip torsion stuck around for months before I found a physio able to reset. But then, the imbalance was engrained and I kept this imbalance for years. This led to running problems because one leg was functionally longer than the other due to the hip twist.  ITB pain followed and finally this caused me to quit running because my ITB would always flare up. As a last resort, I decided to do Stronglifts 5×5 to increase hip/glute strength… I didn’t return to running but I did get hooked on lifting. So maybe it all led to good things after all.
This video identifies exactly the symptoms I had 10 years ago and how I could have fixed it if I only knew…

If you like this, I first discovered this technique in KST’s book A Supple Leopard. These days, the 10 year muscular imbalance is starting to clear out as I do strength exercises that force you to stay well aligned!

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